Site Reliability Engineer - Remote Job

Job description

About the company

Openprovider is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar and technology company founded in 2004 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Now we are a team of 60 people, working fully remotely from the Netherlands, Spain, Russia, Sri Lanka, India, Poland (we add new locations every year).

All Openprovider employees work on a fully remote basis and without any geographical limitations. You don’t have to go to the office each day and deal with traffic or painful commutes. All you need is yourself, a laptop and a cup of coffee.

We support a healthy work/life balance and constantly strive to improve this aspect more and more every day. We support a flexible schedule and are 100% performance and result-oriented.

About the role:

We are looking for a Site Reliability Engineer who will be responsible for the design, installation, implementation, maintenance, and retirement of the systems and people that are at the core of our services, with a strong focus and enabling customer-facing services.

Key Responsibilities:

- Setting up the observation and monitoring services in automatic mode for more than 90% of systems.

- Ensuring the stability and reliability of services and products 24/7.

- Providing reliable data and indicators of SLI and SLO. Provision of SLA based on them.

- Automation of code delivery and integration tests (CI/CD).

- Implementing automation and self-healing of most services.

- Creating postmortem reports on each incident with lessons learned.

- Ensuring readiness of all systems for recovery in case of incidents. Smooth business recovery in a short time in case of disasters.

- Supporting the level of security at every stage.

- Ensuring reliable protection of the personal data of our customers.

- Close cooperation with the development department in ensuring the stability of the delivery of new versions of products.

Job requirements


- Automation skills in one or more modern programming languages, preferable Go.
- Experience in containerisation and deploying applications to Kubernetes, GKE.
- Familiar with at least one Cloud environment, for example GCP or AWS.
- Experience in managing software in  Linux based environment.
- We are looking for a collaborative and communicative person who enjoys solving problems in an open and iterative manner.

Technologies we use

As an SRE Engineer at Openprovider you will have a lot of opportunities to innovate and explore new technologies. We are using exciting and state-of-the-art technologies such as Kubernetes and Go, that will enable you to further develop your technical skills and have a great time as well!

Infrastructure-as-Code: Terraform, (Ansible to support legacy roles and playbooks).
Cloud provider: mostly GCP and AWS for some projects.
Container schedulers: Kubernetes and GKE.
CI/CD: Jenkins, Drone and Argo CD
Observability: Grafana, Prometheus, Thanos, Alertmanager
Queues, caches and logs: Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, Logstash, rsyslog
Data stores: PostgresSQL, MySQL, Redis.
Programming languages: Go for microservices and PHP to support the monolith services.

What we offer:

- Fully Remote work (work from any location you want);

- Flexible working hours (we don`t have time trackers, we are a result-oriented company);

- Paid annual leave and sick leave;

- Annual bonus;

- International team and regular online events to keep each other connected.