Infrastructure Lead - Remote Job

Job description

About the company

Openprovider is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar and technology company founded in 2004 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Now we are a team of 70 people, working fully remotely from the Netherlands, Spain, Russia, Sri Lanka, India, Poland (we add new locations every year).

All Openprovider employees work on a fully remote basis and without any geographical limitations. You don’t have to go to the office each day and deal with traffic or painful commutes. All you need is yourself, a laptop and a cup of coffee.

We support a healthy work/life balance and constantly strive to improve this aspect more and more every day. We support a flexible schedule and are 100% performance and result-oriented.

About the role:

We are looking for a Infrastructure Lead who will be responsible for the design, installation, implementation, maintenance, and retirement of the systems and people that are at the core of our services, with a strong focus and enabling customer-facing services.

Goals for the first 3 months:

  • Setup the department according to a DevOps / SRE oriented team structure.

  • To coordinate and implement a CI / CD environment for our technical dev team.

  • Setup and Implement an efficient customer oriented monitoring system.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Day to day communication with the CTO
  • Be responsible for:
    • Telecommunications
    • Firewalls & Infrastructure Security
    • Servers
    • Data Centers
    • Cloud Infrastructure
    • Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery
    • Testing Environments
    • Components
    • Firmwares, OS, APPs, security config, user provisioning, account provisioning.
  • Recognise high performance and core values within the team and reward accomplishments
  • Create and maintain an inspiring team environment with an open communication culture

  • Set clear goals

  • Manage projects successfully from inception to delivery

  • Set realistic deadlines, tasks and standards for others

  • Delegate tasks and set deadlines for them.

  • Oversee day-to-day operations for the team

  • Listen to team members feedback and resolve any issues or conflicts

  • Encourage team creativity and risk-taking

  • Suggest and organize team building activities

  • Monitor team performance and report on metrics

  • Motivate team members

  • Take time to discover what motivates the team individuals

  • Challenge those who team members who fail to achieve the required standards

  • Effectively implement company initiatives

  • Encourage others to aim high and exceed normal expectations

  • Focuse effort on priority tasks and activities to achieve maximum results

  • Be able to process several issues simultaneously

  • Discover team training needs and provide coaching

  • Give praise and open recognition.

Job requirements


  • Strong Responsibility and Ownership

  • Excellent written and spoken English

  • Clear Knowledge of the Cloud Providers

  • Strong CI & CD Knowledge

  • Ask questions to find out others real views and verify the acknowledging

  • Gathers and exposes complex information in plain language

  • Has a well manner, style and presence that makes a positive impression

  • Listens to and considers others views

  • States own views clearly and concisely

  • Tackles disagreement constructively

  • Good discipline and self time planning, respect for the time of other team members and colleagues

  • Has experience working with a remote team

  • Product oriented company experience.

What we offer:

- Fully Remote work (work from any location you want);

- Flexible working hours (we don`t have time trackers, we are result-oriented company);

- Paid annual leave and sick leave;

- International team and regular online events to keep each other connected.